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Hey everyone!!!!
welocme to the uNiTeD club homepage!!!!!!
here you can chat on the message boards, go on the chatroom, vote on the polls, post msgs on the tagboard! theresss loaaadddsss you can do!!!!!!

People who are united!!
Here are the guys that are in the club so far!! :D

goodcharlotte- joanna
joel_rox - joel
samzieeee - sam
herry_ - Perry
uNiTeD we stand
DiviDeD we fall.

To join:
gmail DisTracTionS
Send mee an emailllll!

surprise for you lot!
a new competition!
if there are 33 or MORE people in the chatroom, youll all get a picture prize for you layouT!! :)

Status means nothing
kindness means everything
Send meee an email